Last chance for In Beauty There is Guilt

Exhibition closes October 29th!  Get down to Weinberger Fine Art

if you haven’t seen the show yet.tour-kc-with-jz-september-10-2016

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“Elegant complexity” by Alex Anderson

“Brett Reif, too, has flooded the gallery with fluid artwork. He now works and lives in Kansas City, but like Evangeline, has roots in New Orleans. He states that he mixes “forms of art and life with emotional and ideological premises that culminate in artifacts that seem to find solace in concrete irreverence.” His work does not so much blur the boundary between the gallery wall space and its floors, as one often finds with works that aim to challenge the use of the wall or the floor. Rather, it almost connects them in suggested motion. He submerges surfaces in what appear to be fluid forms that attempt to bleed into themselves and across their environment, redefining our sense of the concrete nature of an artwork, as well as our experience of the exhibition space. It is for this an unconfined obstruction that does not lend itself to being seen in standard modes of presentation, and teases the notion of its own sense of belonging.”

The Big Spill.Run Off.Reif.2016.1

Read the full review at

Weinberger Fine Art

In Beauty there is Guilt
Now–October 29
114 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City, MO
For more information, visit

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Fried Times for sale!

“Fried Times” was an installation originally installed at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in 2003.  The exhibition showcased a month of fried Times Picayune newspapers, the main New Orleans newspaper.  The installation was set up as a calendar on stainless supports with the fried newspapers suspended on meat hooks, representing the days of the week from August, 2002.

These are the actual batter-fried and resined newspapers from the exhibition.  Each newspaper was grommeted, flash fried, clear-coat resined and suspended on stainless steel meat hooks.  Each individual fried newspaper comes with a 24 inch stainless steel pot rack for suspension with stainless screws and mounts for standard sheetrock installation.

“Fried Times” represents a view that the news and the manner it is shared and consumed can be unhealthy.  News has changed.  It is no longer under the integrity of journalism but is a profit-based entertainment industry.  The fried newspapers suggest a world were we are attracted to news like we are attracted to fried food.  It looks really yummy, but it will leave you fat, sad & sick to your stomach.  Reif

For easy purchasing…. go here…


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Open Studios @ Studios Inc 9/9


Friday September 9th, 6-9pm

Studios Inc. 1708 Campbell, KCMO 64108

Several resident artists will be having open studios accompanying Tanya Hartman’s opening reception in the Studios Inc. Gallery.  Come see the show and visit the open studios.

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New work @ Weinberger Fine Art

Tile Plume_2016_medium

Tile Plume, 2016           tile &  mixed media, 57″ x 23″ x 7.5″

Come to Weinberger Fine Art, September 1st, 5-8pm for the VIP reception & book signing for Margaret Evangeline.  While you’re there, eat some NOLA snacks and check out my Weinberger debut.  I’ll have many new works on view from this summers production, including the public premier of Tile Plume.  Here is a sneak peak of some of some of the new work.


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August 30, 2016 · 10:53 pm

Summer 2016! Update & Sale

Summer Update

I will be posting studio updates in the coming weeks with images.  My space at The Studios Inc. was cooking this summer.  We produced almost 40 new works, several new series and a large and dramatic commission this summer.  Images of this summers production will be on the site soon.  Here is a new piece!  I’m very excited about where this series is headed.

Mustard Kink, 2016, tile & mixed media

I am very excited to announce my gallery affiliation with Weinberger Fine Arts!  Don’t miss Weinberger Fine Arts this coming 1st Friday, September 2nd and check out the opening for Margaret Evangeline, a fellow Louisiana artist.  I’ll have several pieces in the gallery as well!


Inferno-1, 2006

Inferno, 2006, fried canvas

I’ll be leaving Studios Inc at the end of the year and I am sitting on a stash of older artwork.  I’d love to find a good home for some of these old friends.  I’ll be announcing sales of various older pieces in the coming weeks and months.  Stay tuned!  If there is anything that peaks your interest send me an email,  I haven’t decided the sale platform yet, but you’ll be able to buy the work online and we’ll ship it to you.  Inferno will be available!  Own some certifried art!

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KCAC 40th Invitational Exhibition

Pale Blue Kink, 2016

Come to KCAC and see this new piece and celebrate the Kansas City Artists Coalition fortieth anniversary!  Friday, August 12th 5-10 PM


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